“Vivien's acupuncture sessions are a transformative experience. She has razor sharp intuition, that enables her to pinpoint the deeper issues beneath the symptom you are presenting. Her wealth of knowledge is incredible. I refer clients to her steadily because I know that she gives every person that walks through her door the same thoughtful consideration as the one before. Vivien is a true professional with a healing gift.”

—Amanda, Founder Glow Dermal Therapy



“Vivien graciously came on her day off to provide her professional services for our team of riders. I was experiencing pain in my upper and lower back, as well as my lower right IT band near my knee. This was the first time we met, yet she was describing injuries I had previously experienced even before I had told her about them. I’ve had acupuncture and massage therapy sessions before but none so multi-faceted and as effective as Vivien's work. She clearly is at the top of her game!”



— Channing



“With years of Ultra Marathoning and other endurance events, I have benefited from many therapists. However none have affected such positivity in such a short period, which brings me to writing this. Vivien is a master craftswoman with her healing touch, her therapeutic approaches are superior to any of my previous experiences. And, combined with her warm compassionate nature that invites calmness, enables me to recover multi dimensionally. I believe that Vivien is truly a 10/10.”

— Allan



“Though only my second time receiving acupuncture I found Vivien's knowledge of the muscles used for cycling to be excellent. Not only was she able to provide relief from my aches and pains, she was able to give techniques to use while cycling to prevent further pains. I would highly recommend Vivien to anyone. I am now a firm believer in the benefits of acupuncture.”

— Fran



“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Vivien. I have been living with chronic back and neck pain, muscular cramping, asthma and PTSD for 28+ years; injuries I endured from my career in the Canadian Military.  Cycling is one of my outlets and passions. Having Vivien involved in LightOnPTSD as our care provider was an enormous asset to the success of each and every cyclist. I was beyond impressed with Vivien’s professionalism and incredible knowledge of acupuncture for cyclists. She is very calm and caring in her approach, taking the time to make me feel comfortable and explaining every aspect throughout the appointment. Vivien’s treatments made a tremendous improvement on my symptoms during our 24-hour long bike ride.

I am so thankful for the treatments I received. Vivien is a "Sorceress" with acupuncture needles.”

— Steve



“I am grateful to have met Vivien, and had the opportunity to receive her acupuncture treatment. I had been suffering with pain in my knees after sustained cycling, and I was impressed with Vivien's knowledge of the physiological impact, and kinaesthetic dynamic of cycling - her treatment was a gift, which alleviated the pain. Beyond her skilled practice, Vivien’s approach and manner are so warm and engaging, which enhanced the entire experience.”

— Nicci



“I was always unsure about Acupuncture and it's benefits until I started working with Vivien. Over the past year I have been seeing her at least once a month. I run my own business and was getting terrible tension headaches from my neck and shoulders. Vivien went above and beyond during every appointment to find my trigger points and get me to understand and heal my body holistically. I always leave feeling like I am truly taken care of and very very zen mentally and physically. Vivien is a true healer.”

— Sam, Founder Rituals of Love